Trust Your Measure


If I keep my eyes open to the natural world and practice daily prayer, meditation and self-examination, I see more and better over time. Individual ‘things’ and phenomena begin to fit into patterns.


Pictures help me see more clearly even when words might be hard to find. Photographs and art speak the language of the heart.


Personal experience has unique value, works the magic stardust whereby an individual life becomes universal.

Credits: ESA/NASA–T. Pesquet

Transient Luminous Event

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet photographed this flash of upper atmospheric lightning known as a ‘transient luminous event’, which well describes my time on the planet. I’m a natural philosopher of the old school, a geometer. The underlying order in our world fascinated me for years and years before any of it seeped into my skull. When it did penetrate my consciousness, it shifted my psychic center in a series of jolts. For a while I became the ultimate bore, a reformer. I would help the establishment wake up and reconnect conventional science with the real world. Abstract geometry would prove what the ancients tried to tell us in the layout and dimensions of their stone monuments and temples. This field of study opened my mind to the value of considering other states of awareness and practices, including what is commonly described as spiritual or mystical. The path gradually led me to get off my prancing horse, to toss my sword and shield in the dust. Now I merely want to add my teaspoon of spirit to the community wheelbarrow of reality. This may be the best way to feed the longing we all share to experience being alive in body, mind and spirit.